Our Staff

The staff at Floral Hills Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home consists of professionally licensed personnel as well as non-licensed personnel. Many of these staff members are industry experts and have a strong record of achievement in their field. Although job responsibilities vary, each and every staff member is dedicated to end of life planning, celebrating life, preserving memories, and providing a dignified final resting place that provides you with peace of mind.

Robert A. Garner
Funeral Director / Embalmer
General Manager - Floral Hills Funeral Home & Memorial
Regional Manager - Kentucky Funeral Operations
E-mail: rgarner@sabermgmt.net
Phone: (859)356-2151


Jennifer Myers
Funeral Director/Embalmer
E-Mail: jmyers@sabermgmt.net
Phone: (859) 356-2151


Teri Stark
Funeral Director Apprentice
Email: tstark@sabermgmt.net
Phone: (859) 356-2151


Administrative Staff

Cheryl Banks
Office Administrator
E-Mail: covington@sabermgmt.net
Phone: (859) 356-2151

Professional Staff